GET STARTED: Orientation

Orientation sessions with a certified coach are by appointment only, and offered Monday through Saturday.

Setting goals is easy.  Finding the willpower to complete them is challenging. 

Our experienced coaches will help you develop a plan that is fun, safe, and geared towards your goals.

Optimal technique + Optimal Coaching = Optimal Results

GROUP Instruction

Cross-Training is the action or practice of engaging in multiple types of exercise in order to improve overall fitness and performance.

Our daily group instruction combines total body calisthenics with kettlebell lifting for a killer package of real world applicable strength and conditioning. 

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I started training with Kettlebells at Girya Garage in March of this year and have never looked back! I have been working out all my life, have been to plenty of “typical” gyms around the country and have never seen results like I have training with Nicole and Will, aka Coach P at Giyra Garage. These two dedicated trainers find a way to motivate you and show you new and better techniques to achieve more than you thought possible.

So if you want to improve your health dramatically - be stronger, more flexible, have great endurance; if you want to feel and look your best, Girya Garage is the place. One more thing, I would not begin to suggest it is going to be easy. It’s not. But the hard work you put in will be well worth it.
— Kelly Good