A few words from our students, clients, friends & kettle family

As a military member fitness is important. The techniques and knowledge I learned at the Girya Garage greatly increased my fitness and work capacity. More importantly they taught me how to move properly with my body to prevent over use and injury. By far the most knowledgeable and down to earth fitness professionals I have ever worked with.
— Micheal Corley
Who needs big box gyms with soda machines in the lobby and lots of rules?! Girya Garage is the place to train in RVA! Developing strength through the use of Kettlebells and body weight exercises is their specialty, and they are living proof that it works. Nic and Will are skilled at teaching proper movement, while keeping it fun. If you put in the work, you will see results…check them out!
— Sara Moore
Just started and love it. The owners are friendly, knowledgable, skilled and not to mention, wonderful instructors. They take the time to provide feed back and guidance for everyone in class, yet still manage to deliver a killer workout that’s well worth the fatigue and pain. I highly recommend Girya Garage to new-comers and fitness veterans alike!
— Ashley Bria
I had the privilege of working with will and Nichol of the Girya Garage a few years ago after my level I RKC Kettlebell Certification. Not only did I come away with knowledge from another kettlebell world, kettlebell sport, but we had a solid business networking event and discussed how we could all learn from each other in terms of a mid-atlantic outreach. my hope is that, in the future, I will be able to be of service to this group and vice versa. We need more kettlebell “activism” so to speak and I would LOVE to host some sort of a communal outreach with these guys. They are fun and knowledgeable!
— Janelle Pica
If you’re looking for a way to shake up your normal, drab workout routine, go visit Girya Garage. I find myself really looking forward to my workouts here which is not something I’ve ever been able to say. The personalized training really helps you learn the correct way to use kettlebells. I’ve been lifting weights and running regularly for a bit over a year, but have never been as sore as I was after my first few classes at Girya (in a good way, you can tell it’s working). You’ll get not only a full body workout, but also a great amount of cardio at the same time. Give it a shot, Will and Nic are amazing teachers.
— Nick Myers
I have become an evangelical kettle queen. This is a bi-weekly treat for me. This is the best shape I’ve been in since middle school. Kettle bell... all the cool kids are doing it.
— Shannon Rodriguez
Great community! if you want to improve your health dramatically - be stronger, more flexible, have great endurance; if you want to feel and look your best, Girya Garage is the place. I would not begin to suggest it is going to be easy. It’s not. But the hard work you put in will be well worth it. Work Hard, Get Strong!!
— Nichol Cruz Sanderon
I started training with Kettlebells at Girya Garage in March of this year and have never looked back! I have been working out all my life, have been to plenty of “typical” gyms around the country and have never seen results like I have training with Nicole and Will, aka Coach P at Giyra Garage. These two dedicated trainers find a way to motivate you and show you new and better techniques to achieve more than you thought possible.

So if you want to improve your health dramatically - be stronger, more flexible, have great endurance; if you want to feel and look your best, Girya Garage is the place. One more thing, I would not begin to suggest it is going to be easy. It’s not. But the hard work you put in will be well worth it.

Work Hard, Get Strong.
— Kelly Good
Whether you are an athlete wanting to improve in your chosen sport, or a couch potato with a resolution to change your life, you will benefit from a visit to Girya Garage. The facility is small and doesn’t boast the amenities of a big name gym, but the benefits far outweigh the lack of luxuries. Smaller classes and more individualized attention from trainers who actually care about the people they work with; a true community of people committed to improving their strength and mobility. No mirrors. No machines. No posturing and preening. No fluff...and no whining. Come to Girya Garage for training and you might just be surprised at what your body can actually DO. I know I am not only surprised but thrilled, proud and amazed.
— Diana Schnetzka
My name is Beth and I am a stay at home mom of two girls. Before I joined The Girya Garage, I did bootcamp style workouts and play tennis. I joined Girya Garage in March 2013. Since then I have completed three kettle bell programs Coaches Will and Nicole have designed. Today I am the strongest I have been in my life! I have transformed my body in months working out 3/4x week. At aprox 10 lbs lighter my body has less fat and more muscle. I play tennis and the kettle bell training has also benefited my sport. My knees do not ache after matches and I am much more agile on the court. I love the personal coaching I receive all the while in a class setting at The Girya Garage.
— Beth Kayer
I had the need to be strong but wasn’t sure how to accomplish it. I went to a kettle bell class and loved it. I had never worked out before but have now been training for two years. Will and Nichol with the Girya Garage are amazing. Every class is different which keeps it fun and challenging. They know exactly what I need, when I need it.
— Suzanne Burger
The Girya Garage is not your common place to train. I hesitate to call it a gym, because when I think of a gym I think of a place where you can throw weights around with no guidance. Don’t think you can’t throw weights around in the Girya Garage, because you can, I’ve done it. The best part is whenever you go to train at the Girya Garage you will always be coached and provided guidance. The level of knowledge and caliber of the coaches at the Girya Garage is bar-none in the locale and the time spent to better themselves is impressive. As far as the facility, its delapidated, and old, but its cool, and the staff have taken a cool little “garage” and made it in to an effective training facility. Its a “hole in the wall” and I love it for that as it reminds me of the “gyms” I had on small out posts while deployed in Afghanistan. It doesn’t matter what resources they have, the Girya Garage is effective. I quickly gained a knack for kettlebells and was throwing the bulldog around by the third month. I did the dreaded double turkish get-up with two 44lbs at month four. I brought one of my Soldiers in and he’s killin’ it doing overhead presses with the dog. Disclaimer: Visual results don’t equal results in strength. Train for what counts the most: strength, speed, power and agility.
— Matthew Payne (US Army)
As a gym rat for over 25 years, one thing I have learned is that if you are not excited about your workout, you very well may not stick with it. So you can take my word that kettlebells will easily shake upyour workout world - and all for the better. But here’s the key, kettlebells require that you learn proper technique and that’s what sets the Girya Garage apart. You will quickly realize that there’s nothing like working out with kettlebells at the Girya Garage with Will and Nic because they take this seriously. They dedicate a lot of time to constantly teaching and correcting technique. I love knowing when I go to the Garage for a workout class I am going to get strength training, cardio work and flexibility all in the same class, that’s the magic of kettlebells! Will and Nic design the workouts to achieve all of that, and I have fun too!
— Denice Johnson
Kettlebell training first came into my life via a co-worker who is in awesome shape. But after trying one class at another club, I abandoned the project. However, once I picked up the bells at Girya Garage, my life changed. Coach Parker and Coach Cruz pushed me to a fitness and strength level I never imagined possible with fun, challenging and comprehensive workouts. Parker and Cruz’s passion, spirit and sense of humor shine through in the garage.

The wide range of exercises keeps sessions fast paced and fresh. Additionally, the classes offer much more than swinging and get-ups. The strength, cardio, stretching and mobility extras will leave you feeling incredible.

Coach Cruz also introduced me to “Four Hour Body.” Her meal planning suggestions and strategies helped me lose 25 pounds, while gaining muscle, in three months. The Girya Garage continues to help me achieve my goals of losing weight, building muscle and improving my posture.
— Nick Dutton