About Girya Garage

You can't create experience - you must endure it.  We practice what we preach and have been trained by the best instructors in the industry.  Our coaches are recognized by the leading certified bodies of kettlebell lifting and sport performance.  

Our main focus is promoting the safe integration of kettlebells through group training, private coaching, and online instruction.
We believe everyone deserves a coach.  Who's yours?...



Girya Garage didn't start with a fixed location, it started with two dedicated coaches looking to put their mark in the exercise community.  Will Parker & Nichol Cruz started out with kettlebell classes in RVA's own Byrd Park in the Winter of 2013.  After a few month's of recruitment, we found our facility in the Historic Fan District of Richmond.  

We are passionate about health and human performance. 

Kettlebell Sport is our focus competitively and we host an event each Spring dedicated towards bringing Mid-Atlantic lifters and coaches together.  Throughout the year, we offer classes and private training to athletes and non-athletes alike.  We use multiple methods of cross-training to build a foundation of strength for life.  

Optimal programming + Optimal technique = Optimal Results


"A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.”     -Tom Landry 

Tree climbing, bike riding, and backyard wrestling were a big part of my wild childhood. Weight lifting, football and music have heavy influences on my life since grade school.

Daily exercise rituals have the power to help you act more courageously in the sport of life.  I've found physical training is (the best) medicine for a healthy mind.  

Each year, we continue to seek training under the most respected coaches and organizations in order to enhance all areas of our training program at Girya Garage. 

Some of my most memorable experiences have been working with coaches and organizations such as:

Jeff Martone (Tactical Athlete Systems, CrossFit Kettlebell) 

Pavel Tsatsouline (StrongFirst Girya)
Brett Jones (StrongFirst Girya) 

Sara Moore (Underground Athlete)
Jason Dolby (Orange Kettlebell Club)
Aaron Vyvial (Head Coach, Texas Kettlebell Academy) 
Jessica Gorman (Texas Kettlebell Academy) 


Bill Meyer (Meyer Fitness)
Sergei Marasonov (Tork Lifestyle) 
Brittany van Schravendijk (KOR Strength) 
Chris Doenlen (Orange Kettlebell Club) 

Sergey Rachinskiy (KetaAcademy, Honoured Coach)                                                 Ivan Denisov (World Champion, Master of Sport)                                                     Ksenia Deydukhina (World Champion, Master of Sport)
Sergey Rudnev (Kettlebell Sport Master Coach) 


Roanoke College (Salem, Virginia) 

Degree: Health & Human Performance
Concentration: Exercise Science

Certified through these organizations:
Tactical Athlete Systems 
StrongFirst Girya (formally Russian Kettlebell Challenge) 
Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification (HKC)
CrossFit Kettlebell Instructors Course
USA Weightlifting Association
International Sports Sciences Association


Having been raised in a military family, I had developed a systematic way of achieving goals with hard work being the foundation.  Fitness and the military will always be associated with each other and naturally I saw the importance of fitness and strength. 
Having tried various fitness outlets like aerobics, pilates, running, weight training in big box gyms... nothing really stuck.  What started out as an interest in kettlebells quickly turned into a passion over the last few years with the desire to educate people, women in general, in proper movement and technique through body weight and strength drills.
I continue to challenge myself to learn and improve, not only my knowledge base, but also to become a better athlete with the help of my own coach.
I enjoy cooking, traveling to new places each year, meeting people and learning from them.  My education and experience includes:


Kettlebell Sport Athete Rank 2 - Coach: Sara Moore
StrongFirst Girya Certification - Paval Tsatsouline
Russican Kettlebell Certification - Brett Jones
Hand to Hand (H2H) Workshop - Jeff Martone
Girevoy Sport (Kettlebell Sport) Workshop - Jeff Martone
Aaron Vyvial & Jessica Gorman (Texas Kettlebell Academy) 
Sergey Rudnev (IKSFA)
Sergei Marasonov (Tork Lifestyle)
Brittany van Schravendijk (KOR Strength) 
Chris Doenlen (Orange Kettlebell Club) 
Sergey Rachinskiy (KetaAcademy, Honoured Coach)                                                     Ivan Denisov (World Champion, Master of Sport)                                                         Ksenia Deydukhina (World Champion, Master of Sport)