“Dont make any quick judgements about kettlebell training or believe that it is all about the kettlebell. This is a very powerful strength and conditioning program. I feel alive with energy and more relaxed than I have in years. Dare to try something different in fitness...

— Be Stronger - Gary G.


We begin all one-on-one training with a movement screen. This personal assessment helps us identify specific mobility or stability issues and/or imbalances you may have. From here we design a program that targets your weakest areas first, creating a strong foundation that we build from. Your training program will be individualized and progressive to get you maximum results in minimum time. 

Private training  is available to those who prefer individual attention and for others who need to schedule training times around normally scheduled group training hours.  

These 1-on-1 or 1-to-4 training sessions with a coach are also used by individuals who are interested in customized training programs and need flexibility in their training schedule.  

Kettlebell Programming 

(Online Video Coaching)

This program is available to individuals interested in online (distance) coaching via YouTube, Facebook, Google, and Email correspondence.   

4 Months of Private Coaching INCLUDES:

  • Customized Exercise Prescription (monthly)
  • Sport Specific training tips
  • Accessory/Auxiliary/Core Specific training
  • Direct contact to your Girya Garage coach